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The Illinois law dealing with the educational requirements for the CPA exam as of July 1, 2013 is here: 

The UIC BS Accounting program has been changed to reflect the new CPA  requirements.  The UIC undergraduate degree satisfies all the educational requirements for the Illinois CPA exam but for the 150 hours requirements.

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150-Hour-Issues for UIC BS Accounting Students

The UIC MS Accounting program satisfies all educational requirements. 
Check CPA-for-MSA-Students for more information

The CPA is administered in Illinois by: 

150 hour requirement
: The Illinois board accepts all credit hours posted in the UIC transcript. They typically will accept credit hours from most non-degree classes (transfer credits etc.) also. We in the accounting department can not tell what they will or will not accept. Any way you should hear from the board. When you are close to 150 hours, they suggest that you get your transcripts evaluated at including "DOMESTIC COURSES IN PROGRESS" at If you are lacking any requirements they will tell you. After meeting them you can get the transcript re-evaluated and start taking the CPA. You have to pay the credentials evaluation fee only ONCE. Internships and life experience credits included in the 30 SCH in accounting are limited to a maximum of three SCH.

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